I. Owner's and Installer's Responsibilities

STOP! Have you checked or replaced the following? Radiator, water pump, thermostat, belts, hoses, fan and coolant temperature sensors, exhaust system and catalytic converter, oil pump, oil cooler and lines, oil pump pick up screen, torque converter, transmission and related components, distributor and or related timing pick-ups, modules, oxygen sensors, fuel filters, EGR valves, fuel regulators, etc. This is not an unconditional warranty against all hazards and failures. The products distributed by Promar are warranted to the Original installing dealer and vehicle owner against defects in parts or factory workmanship. This is a non-transferable warranty unless Promar's Customer Service Department is notified in writing and the vehicle is in service for no longer than twelve months and the fee set forth below is paid with all transfer information properly completed. Non compliance to break-in procedures and Oil requirements will void the warranty. Promar does not assume responsibility on behalf of the installing dealer, their technicians, and parts transferred from original engine, or unauthorized repair work. Additional installer and owners obligations; after engine has been driven for 500 miles engine oil and filter must be changed. It is mandatory that all engine fluids be routinely changed, maintained and checked for proper levels as described within. It is also mandatory to change the oil and filter every 4,000 miles according to O.E.M. specifications. All costs of these services are the owner's obligations and should be documented with strict repair or maintenance records. Engine coolant must be maintained and checked for proper levels and protection. Coolant must be changed every 24 months or 30,000 miles or which ever comes first. Warranty will not cover rotted freeze plugs. Warranty information must be completed and mailed to Promar within 14 days after invoice date. Installing shop and owner of the vehicle must accurately fill out all warranty information and retain a copy of the warranty. All initial warranty notifications must be made through installing dealer. Failure to perform these conditions set forth herein voids the warranty. Warning! If you replace your old engine or cylinder head(s) and do not check the above items mentioned for cause of failure, chances are any replacement can fail again! Take time out to determine the actual cause of the failure to insure your customer trouble free operation of this replacement unit.

II. Limited Warranty

Remanufacturer warrants to their Distributor and Original Purchaser that their remanufactured Engine or Cylinder head(s) shall be free of defects from materials and or workmanship, when properly installed by a trained technician, and used for normal use and service for the periods of time or distance from original date of purchase or which ever occurs first. Subject to the following terms and conditions listed below. Note: Installing dealer must provide proof of purchase (warranty registration number) before any authorization of alleged warranty work is performed. Installing dealer must notify Promar to obtain work order authorization, NO EXCEPTIONS. No claims shall be honored if prior notification has not been obtained. Promar reserves the right to have any and all alleged warranty parts inspected prior to claims being honored. Money due under this warranty will be distributed after inspection has been made. Repairs or replacement will be made within a reasonable time, after receipt of goods deemed to be defective, enters our facility. Promar reserves the right to have any and or all parts inspected by their original manufacturer for warranty determination. Any parts discarded by installing dealer for warranty claims will not be honored for reimbursement. Warranty does not cover and is void as a result of abnormal operating temperatures (this includes melted or missing heat tabs that are adhered to the engine or cylinder head to monitor the operating temperatures). In addition the following criteria will void the warranty: accident, racing, lack of proper lubrication, misuse, detonation/pre-ignition, broken connecting rods or pistons (or subsequent damage to block) on supercharged or turbocharged engines, improper or contaminated fuel, and or oil, thrust bearing wear due to transmission related components or problems, faulty/rotted freeze plugs due to lack of cooling system maintenance and or ground straps and vehicle modifications that can damage the engine. Detonation/pre-ignition damage includes but is not limited to melted or broken pistons, rings, damaged cylinder head(s) and their related parts. Causes include inoperative or malfunctioning computer and or emissions control and ignition devices, clogged catalyst or exhaust systems, etc. Modifications include but are not limited to superchargers, computer PROM changes, over sized tires or anything that will alter the performance of the vehicle from its O.E.M. status. Gaskets that are not supplied or installed by Promar are not covered by this warranty. Warranty does not cover towing, vehicle rental, oil, oil filter, Freon, antifreeze, incidental, special consequential or exemplary damages resulting from loss of time, or use of the vehicle, or for any service not expressly provided herein, relating to or arising from products supplied by Promar. Repairs or replacements do not extend or renew length of warranty, nor does it apply fault. Water Pumps, Timing belts, timing idlers, Seals, Gaskets installed by Promar only receive a 12 month warranty. Promar does not cover camshaft lobe or lifter wear on flat lifters, proper break in procedures, and break in oil, must be followed.

III. Warranty Claims and Procedure

Any and all warranty claims: Are to be brought to the attention of the installing dealer not Promar. Promar will reimburse all authorized repairs at a flat rate schedule that is not to exceed Promar 's printed warranty in effect at time of original purchase using Chilton or Motor's repair manual for guidelines. All warranty parts will be held at Promar 's facility for 30 days after inspection of parts have been made.Hourly rates for all eligible authorized labor claims will be compensated at jobbers wholesale labor rates and not to exceed $45.00 per hour. Any additional labor claim or claims that are not covered herein will be the sole responsibility of the installer and owner of the vehicle. Maximum liability allowance shall not exceed $540.00 per engine replacement, or $150.00 per cylinder head(s) replacement. Invoices must accompany any and all claims; no claims will be honored if any outstanding money, engine or cylinder head(s) cores or invoices are due to Promar. Alleged warranty parts will be held for 30 days after receipt and then discarded. Any request for monetary compensation for parts and/or labor for an approved warranty claim must be submitted no later than 30 days after initial warranty claim was filed. All claims must be made out and submitted to Promar. All warranty claims are pending inspection of alleged defects in parts and/or workmanship. If any person and/or installer discard defective parts before Promar inspection, no warranty claim shall be honored. Unauthorized repairs will not be recognized or honored as a legitimate warranty claim. Any warranty monies due to installing dealer will not be discounted from any future sale. Customer irrevocably agrees to exclusive personal jurisdiction in the County of Passaic, State of New Jersey with respect to all claims against Promar pertaining to the sale of its product(s) or its warranty.

Transfer of Warranty

Any request for warranty transfer must be done so in writing through Promar's Customer Service Department. Transfer of warranty can be done for vehicles 12 months in service or less and at the time of vehicle sale. A fee of $250.00 will be incurred for transfer of warranty.

Cars and Light Duty Trucks Warranty

3 Years - Unlimited mileage warranty includes any long block engine installed in any automobile or light duty truck up to and including 3/4 ton, NOT commercially registered and NOT used for business purposes.

3 Years - 75,000 miles warranty includes long blocks installed in vehicles up to and including one (1) ton commercially registered or used for business, as well as privately owned one (1) ton vehicles.

* Exclusions: Ambulance, Off Highway Use, Package Delivery, Police, Taxi, Limousine, Tow Truck or any vehicle over one(1)ton.

18 Months or 75,000 miles warranty includes any vehicle over one (1) ton, industrial, Box Trucks, Dual Rear Wheels, Service Bodies and non-automotive.

Marine Engines: 24 months - Unlimited Hours Cylinder Heads: 6 months - Unlimited Mileage Short Blocks: 6 months 6,000 Miles

All long blocks in any special use applications such as stationary units will have a 90 day warranty.

Performance Engine Warranties

HO, Stroker & Marine Performance: One Year Unlimited mileage/hour warranty covers original engine only, no labor for removal or replacement of engine. Warranty covers manufacturer & parts defect only, to be determined by Promar inspection. If deemed to be non manufacturing fault, a fair assessment of remanufacture cost will be provided. If customer denies offer to rebuild all parts will be returned to customer.

Street Strip, Racing Series & Short Blocks: NO Warranty due to the nature of use they are intended for. Promar reserves the right to change vendors or part specifications without prior notification. All HP and TQ ratings are achieved on a Superflow Dyno in a controlled environment and tuned for maximum performance output. Actual HP in vehicle can vary due to tuning and bolt on items utilized by vehicle owner. Promar assumes no liability on horsepower output in vehicle.